Sophie + Arjun met in India many moons ago, before either had a family. They have danced, laughed, collaborated + created together for decades and have grown to become great friends along the way.

Tired of the corporate and unethical progression of mass-produced fashion and having built fashion empires for so many other brands, they decided that with their friendship and experience united, they could create their own magic…………and so, after lots of whiskey + wine and hours of dreamy banter, Bonte was born as an independent, responsibly + ethically sourced womenswear brand with an unwavering commitment to being good + kind every step of the way.

Both being free spirited + madly creative, they have a mutual love for the textile heritage + craft of India, that has changed little over time.

Sophie’s fine art and fashion background makes her a natural with print and colour. Arjun brings his entrepreneurial spirit and vast experience with the business of ethical manufacturing/ sourcing. It was always their desire to combine their strengths to celebrate India’s ancient textile craft in a modern + relevant way.

With Bonte, their focus is to deliver a collection which transcends mainstream trend, based on craft, quality, longevity & individuality.

Working as a creative duo for over a decade for some of the most inspiring London based lifestyle brands, Nicole + Sophie cemented the Bonte Dream and set up a design studio in South London.

Nicole has a strong design background and has led great teams in London + the US, before this glorious union was formed.

They have come to see their creative dynamic as a perfectly balanced YIN + YANG, leading to an original take on their love of modern craft, colour, eclectic + utility styling.